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a heart of stone, a smoking gun

i can give you life, i can take it away

7/6/06 08:59 pm

Going to the midnight showing of Pirates of the carribbean which is exciting.
leaving for greece tomorrow morning at about 5
might call some ppl. got an international phone.
want a postcard? you know what to do.

6/21/06 01:49 am

well me being bored and all ive been reading my old livejournal entries which is half funny and half sad i guess, i found some entries that i would never want to read or think about again and then i found others that i would want to post again if that wasnt such a stupid idea. But i found

one that made me think, and i realized that i still mean all of that and all of those people( i hope they know who they all are)deserve to read that again about them. Because i mean it with all my heart and i love each one of them.

6/17/06 04:18 pm

3/9/06 08:12 pm

Tomorrow at noon i need to be at the airport so i can leave for France. I'm really excited but it hasnt really sunk in yet. I'm really tired and i probably failed about 3 out of 5 tests/quizzes i had today. Oh well. I'm going to miss everyone a lot this next week and i hope you guys decide to miss me too, haha. I dont think ill be able to call but you guys can always email me because i think we will have access to that. well i guess thats really all i have to say. 

Email- bandgeek101_9@msn.com


3/6/06 09:07 pm


1/31/06 07:15 pm

lastweekendCollapse )

11/13/05 05:28 pm

yeah i know its been a while but here they are!




10/31/05 08:47 pm

scary scary scary...Collapse )

10/30/05 04:30 pm

they were suspicious of where your loyalties layCollapse )

10/12/05 12:21 am - ONES AT UIL!



i love the austin high marching band so much.
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